Hiranandani Foundation School ,Powai

Education without restriction to energize future minds

The Hiranandani Foundation School is a co-educational, English medium ICSC school founded in 1990 by the Hiranandani Foundation, a registered charitable trust. The objective of the school is to form minds which can be critical and which can verify and not accept everything they are offered; to mould students who become creative, inventive and innovative young men and women capable of doing new things.

The school aims at an all round character formation of its students and the development of proper attitudes. Students are encouraged to participate in activities that broaden their interests, that discover their latent talents and develop in them a team spirit. Consciously or unconsciously students absorb a great deal from these activities and in the great examination of life it is these extra assimilation's which speak of a schools worth.

What is different in the Hiranandani foundation school

At the Hiranandani Foundation School we believe in providing education without the restriction of constraints of any sort. Here we are proud to mention that we have the state of the art infrastructure. The well ventilated and bright classrooms provide the necessary ambience for energizing the young minds of our future. The playgrounds that surround our school, allow the students to channelise their energies and provide holistic development of their minds and bodies.

At HFS we believe in inculcating a sense of integrity and personal responsibility by sensitizing them to ideas and topics of global significance. This, of course, cannot be achieved without the constant support of the teaching and non teaching staff, headed by our very inspiring Principal, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik. Our teachers maintain an informal, yet disciplined, environment with the students which encourage them to put forth their ideas and opinions without the fear of being censured.

  • Rajiv Gandhi award for excellence in education practices and innovation for year 2010-11.
  • Best Principal award by SOF for the second time.
  • Best teacher award by SOF to Mrs. Rachana Singh.
  • Best teacher award to Mrs. Betty Kurvilla(ISC) by Rotary Club of Powai.

For more details visit us at: www.hiranandanischools.edu.in

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