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June 2021
Naredco - 30th June, 2021 Trend of Work From Home Concept & Demand Stimulation
Realty Next - 30th June, 2021 #conceptualization of landmark #township #hiranandanigardens #powai@RealtyNXT
Realty Next - 30th June, 2021 Passion and inspiration
Naredco National - 29th June, 2021 Difference between Current Pandemic Crisis and Previous Cycles Seen
Naredco - 28th June, 2021 Industry needs School of Real estate
Realty Next - 28th June, 2021 Prompting Companies in India
Naredco - 27th June, 2021 Building Professional Organization and Intact Team
Naredco - 26th June, 2021 Remain Ahead of the curve
Naredco - 25th June, 2021 On #Risk #Learning #Emphasis on #Design and Customer #Centricity
Naredco - 24th June, 2021 About Hiranandani Legacy Journey
22nd June, 2021 Yoga transforms Physical and psychological wellness.
22nd June, 2021 #Yoga reflects #corporate philosophy of top-down & bottom-up mechanisms
22nd June, 2021 #Yoga plays a vital role in shaping #professional & #personal mindset
News X - 19th June, 2021 PMO desires to attract global investment based on important economic pillars like Talent, Market, Capital, Ecosystem and Openness
NDTV - 15th June, 2021 Future of India's Rental Housing Market 2021
Realty Next - 15th June, 2021 A vision to transform location in to a thriving community living by Hiranandani Group- Powai, Thane, Panvel, Chennai
13th June, 2021 Q and A with students on launch of MBA Program in Real Estate by HSNC University
12th June, 2021 India Real estate 2021 Webinar by RE Max SSPL
ET Now - 10th June, 2021 Mumbai Model for Covid 19 Management
Republic TV - 8th June, 2021 On New Policy for Nationwide Vaccination
Zee Business - 8th June, 2021 Model Tenancy Act will boost Rental Housing
Aaj Tak - 6th June, 2021 Model Tenancy Act - A historic decision by Government
DD news - 5th June, 2021 On Model Tenancy Act
5th June, 2021 Happy Environment Day
CNBC Bajar - 4th June, 2021 RBI MPC Policy Outlook FY 21-22
ET Now - 4th June, 2021 Calibrated Unlocking is bound to take place
CNBC Awaaz - 4th June, 2021 Model Tenancy Act for Rental Housing in India
NDTV - 3rd June, 2021 Intervention by Government of India to help distressed sectors is highly important for GDP growth
1st June, 2021 On GDP forecast for FY 21- 22

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